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Discover the Art of DIY Lip Balm with Summer Tilgner

An Inviting Evening of Crafting and Self-Care

Lake Havasu City, AZ – Have you ever wanted to create your very own lip balm, tailored to your preferences and needs? If the answer is yes, then mark your calendars for an exciting event that promises not only an enjoyable experience but also the opportunity to learn a valuable skill. Join us for an exclusive DIY Lip Balm Workshop hosted by Summer Tilgner, the owner of SummeRay Wine Bar & Local Eatery in Lake Havasu City.

Crafting Details:

Date: August 21, 2023

Time: 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM (PST)

Venue: SummeRay Wine Bar & Local Eatery-Lake Havasu City

This DIY Lip Balm Workshop is a fantastic opportunity for individuals who are enthusiastic about both crafting and self-care. Hosted at the charming SummeRay Wine Bar & Local Eatery, this event promises an evening of creativity, learning, and connection.

Creating Your Perfect Lip Balm:

Under the expert guidance of Summer Tilgner, attendees will delve into the art of making their own lip balm. Imagine having a lip balm that caters to your personal preferences, whether it’s the flavor, scent, or specific ingredients that matter most to you. This workshop is your chance to turn that imagination into reality.

Why Attend:

Creating your own lip balm offers a multitude of benefits. Not only will you learn a practical skill, but you’ll also gain insights into the world of skincare and beauty products. With Summer Tilgner’s expertise as a guide, you’ll be able to choose the ingredients that suit your skin’s needs, ensuring your lip balm is as nourishing and effective as possible.

Booking Your Spot:

Participation in this DIY Lip Balm Workshop is a limited opportunity, and reservations are recommended to secure your spot. You can reserve your spot by calling (928)-889-9463. The workshop promises to provide a relaxed and engaging atmosphere where you can ask questions, learn, and create alongside like-minded individuals.

Crafting in Comfort:

SummeRay Wine Bar & Local Eatery-Lake Havasu City offers a cozy and inviting setting for this creative experience. As you immerse yourself in the art of crafting lip balm, you’ll also have the chance to enjoy the welcoming ambiance of this local establishment. It’s the perfect fusion of creativity, learning, and relaxation.

Embrace Creativity and Self-Care:

This workshop is not just about crafting lip balm; it’s about engaging in an act of self-care and creativity. The process of creating something with your own hands can be incredibly satisfying and therapeutic. Plus, the end result will be a personalized lip balm that you can enjoy and share with friends and family.

Secure Your Spot:

To participate in this delightful DIY Lip Balm Workshop, be sure to secure your spot by booking in advance. You can find more information and reserve your spot through this link: DIY Lip Balm Workshop Registration.

Join Us for a Memorable Evening:

Indulge in a delightful crafting experience that blends creativity, learning, and self-care. Join Summer Tilgner and fellow crafting enthusiasts for an evening of making your very own lip balm. Discover the joy of customizing a beauty product that’s uniquely yours, and enjoy the charming atmosphere of SummeRay Wine Bar & Local Eatery. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to embrace your creative side and treat yourself to a memorable evening of crafting. Reserve your spot today!



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