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Lake Havasu City LOVE Scavenger Hunt for Couples Date Night! – Saturday, August 26

Elevate Your Romance: Join the Ultimate City Love Scavenger Hunt for Couples!

Embark on an exciting journey that will ignite your love and create unforgettable memories with the City LOVE Scavenger Hunt! Imagine a date night that combines the thrill of a scavenger hunt with relationship-strengthening challenges – all brought to life through an interactive app.

Explore & Connect: Experience your city in a whole new light as you engage in heartwarming tasks designed to deepen your connection. From acts of service to playful touch games, each challenge is crafted to enhance your bond. Capture candid, joyful moments along the way – these are memories worth preserving!

10 Love Styles, Limitless Fun: Our scavenger hunt isn’t just about fun; it’s about nurturing your relationship. Rooted in the 10 Love Styles, this experience transcends traditional love and delves into building a relationship you adore. Plus, we’ve spiced things up! Your digital date night box is enriched with challenges touching on wellness, faith, communication, finances, and empowerment.

Give Love, Give Back: Discover the joy of giving together. Engage in thoughtful activities that mirror the sweetness of chocolate – a gift to cherish forever. By participating, you’re not only enriching your bond but also supporting a mission of creating joyful outdoor dates for couples. Your donation fuels our passion to keep the adventure alive!

Secure Your Spot: Your digital date night box is valued over $20, and we welcome contributions to sustain our mission. A single ticket covers a couple’s participation, allowing you to choose a donation amount that resonates with you. It’s an investment in love and fun!

Practical Details: While parking fees for your chosen location aren’t included, the possibilities are endless. You might uncover hidden romantic spots, stumble upon cozy eateries, or find inspiration for future dates.

Don’t miss out on this captivating opportunity to reignite your love, laughter, and connection. Reserve your spot today, and let the City LOVE Scavenger Hunt kindle the flames of romance in a way you’ve never experienced before!



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