Tuesday, May 21, 2024


The Mohave County Sheriff’s Office Animal Enforcement Division has been conducting an ongoing complaint of animal hoarding at two separate residences located in the Dolan Springs area. Additionally, some of these animals were running at large and attacking livestock in the area. The residences, located in the 15000 block of N. Garnet Dr. and 16000 block of N. Kathleen Dr., were both being utilized by Betty Lynne Fuchsel (77 years of age). Over the past several years, Fuchsel has received several citations in reference to the violations and failed to comply or appear in court.

On January 11th, Fuchsel was taken into custody for warrants that had been issued for her arrest for failing to appear on these charges. Subsequent to her arrest, a search warrant was obtained for her properties. Upon entering the two residences, the floors were found to be covered with feces, trash, and urine. Several dogs were found to be locked up inside the residence and in vehicles on the property, with no access to food or water.

The dogs were found to be emaciated and in various stages of neglect. During the search of the properties, a total of forty-three dogs were seized. Several of the dogs were taken for immediate emergency veterinarian care.

Betty Lynn Fuchsel was additionally charged for an additional forty-three counts of felony Animal Cruelty, a class 5 felony. The animals were turned over to the care and custody of the Mohave County Animal Shelter.



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