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Launched in 2011, happeninginhavasu.com is focused on reporting the hyper-local stories that matter to Parker Yucca Mohave Bullshead Lake Havasu City and the portions of Mohave County underserved by print and broadcast media. happeninginhavasu.com was founded and is run by Kirk Tompkins, an award-winning former on-air national network news correspondent. Journalism is taken seriously. The stories you read are real. happeninginhavasu.com is owned by Needles Quartzsite Kingman. happeninginhavasu.com® was recorded as a Federal Trademark in late 2021 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.


In November of 2022, it was announced that Kirk Tompkins will become the morning host of South Florida’s powerhouse news and information station, WIOD-AM, which is owned by iHeart Media. happeninginhavasu.com remains a completely separate entity.

Intellectual Property, Trademarks, Copyrights happeninginhavasu.com® is a registered trademark of Needles Quartzsite Kingman. Happening in Havasu™ is a trademark of Needles Quartzsite Kingman. Sirens™ is a trademark of Needles Quartzsite Kingman. “You hear sirens, we know where they went,”™ is a trademark of Needles Quartzsite Kingman. “Don’t Want To Be Seen Here? Don’t Be Rude Here!™” is a trademark of Needles Quartzsite Kingman. We vigorously protect our intellectual property and journalistic product. Broadcast stations must credit happeninginhavasu.com on air. Print must refer to happeninginhavasu.com. Online must link to happeninginhavasu.com. We have agreements with several organizations. Call 208-242-3444 or email Kirktompkins@gmail.com for rights inquiries. DMCA/Copyright Claims We never purposely violate existing copyrights. If you believe your work has been improperly republished or is violating DMCA, contact Kirktompkins@gmail.com immediately, or our registered agent as listed with the United States Copyright Office. Telephone 208-242-3444 if the matter is urgent.

Commenting on happeninginhavasu.com, Facebook and Social Media Channels

Commenting on happeninginhavasu.com is a privilege, not a right. When you comment on our website, or social media pages including Facebook.com, you agree to these policies: Personal attacks will not be tolerated. Obscenities, factual misstatements, or opinions that appear to be communicated solely to infuriate or inflame will be deleted. Your comments may be edited. By commenting, you accept all terms and policies. You permit happeninginhavasu.com to use your comments in reporting. Any threats to us — or others — will be immediately reported to law enforcement.

Arrest Reports, Mug Shots, Probable Cause Affidavits

happeninginhavasu.com reports crime news, arrests, and other newsworthy events that involve law enforcement. You may not like our reporting. You may not like seeing your arrest report or booking photo online. That does not make the reporting wrong. Our crime reports are based on information provided directly from the police, prosecutors, and public databases maintained by cities, counties, states, and the federal government. We do not accept payment to remove arrest reports or mugshots. We do not accept new advertising from the subject(s) of criminal or misdemeanor arrest stories within 90 days of the arrest. Under no circumstance does advertising affect our editorial content. Any paid advertorial content is clearly marked per rules and regulations from the Federal Trade Commission. When practical, happeninginhavasu.com efforts to redact certain sensitive, personal information in arrest reports. We are not required to do so and any redaction is at our own discretion. Arrest reports, court proceedings, civil and criminal matters, emails to government and school officials are public under Florida Statute 119.

Mug Shot Removal, Arrest Report Removal

You can not pay to have mugshots or arrest reports removed from happeninginhavasu.com. Your arrest is public record. You would not want to live in a society where arrests are secret. As a matter of policy, we do not remove reports on active criminal or civil cases. If you have been found innocent, not guilty, if your arrest has been expunged, or if charges have been dropped (nollo prose) and would like us to consider removal of an article, please email Kirktompkins@gmail.com. Removal is at the sole discretion of Needles Quartzsite Kingman. Please note that an “order to expunge” does not apply to news media.


happeninginhavasu.com does not knowingly publish false information. If you believe information is inaccurate, a photo is incorrect or another error has been made, email Kirktompkins@gmail.com.

Needles Quartzsite Kingman, ignores threats of lawsuits. If you believe an error was made in reporting, communicate your concern to us by emailing Kirktompkins@gmail.com. Any letter, email, text, voicemail, or other communication received by happeninginhavasu.com may be published. Threats of violence are turned over to law enforcement. Our mailing address: Bellinghausen PO BOX 829 Lake Havasu City Arizona 86405.

Personal Data Collection

happeninginhavasu.com has no interest in your personal data. We do not knowingly collect personal information, except for emails or messages that you send to us or other contact to us that you initiate. We may, from time to time, view IP addresses of those accessing the site. Our national advertising is handled by the Google Affiliate Network which may or may not collect anonymized data.

ALL MATERIAL INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO NEWS ARTICLES, NEWS REPORTS, AUDIO AND VIDEO IS COPYRIGHT 2022 © Needles Quartzsite Kingman. ANY REPUBLISHING OF OUR WORK IS EXPRESSLY PROHIBITED. AN EXCEPTION IS GRANTED TO OTHER NEWS MEDIA THAT FOLLOWS THESE TERMS: BROADCAST MUST CREDIT “happeninginhavasu.com” ON AIR. PRINT MUST REFERENCE “happeninginhavasu.com” AND ONLINE EDITIONS MUST INCLUDE A LINK TO THE STORY IN QUESTION. WEBSITES MUST LINK TO THE STORY IN QUESTION. We have agreements with several news aggregators, including Apple News, NewsBreak App, SmartNews App, Google News, Bing News, Yahoo News. If you would like to discuss a partnership, please email Kirktompkins@gmail.com.


It’s very simple. We don’t collect any attributable information about you. If you sign up for our email list, we have your email address. But we don’t have your name. If you want to unsubscribe, it’s a one click process on our email news updates. Otherwise, we have no idea who you are. We note that we do run ads from Google which has its own privacy policy. But again, we don’t have your personal information, so we have nothing to pass on to other entities. We are just a phone call or email away if you have any concerns. If you would like to send us a message, please use the form below, please enter your message in the “news tip” section. You may also telephone 208-242-3444.

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Content copyright © 2023 happeninginhavasu.com. All Rights Reserved. happeninginhavasu.com ® is a registered trademark of Needles Quartzsite Kingman. For our intellectual property, terms, and conditions, read hereBroadcast stations must credit happeninginhavasu.com on air. Print must refer to happeninginhavasu.com. Online must link to happeninginhavasu.com. Contact Kirktompkins@gmail.com. Call 208-242-3444. Arrest reports are police accusations. Guilt or innocence is determined in a court of law.