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Sewing for a Cause: Join Us on November 15 at Lake Havasu City Aquatic Center

Are you ready to make a difference in the lives of seniors and kids in need? Mark your calendars for November 15, from 10 AM to 2 PM, and head to the Lake Havasu City Aquatic Center, specifically the Jane Canlin room. This is your chance to lend a helping hand by creating prepared sewing kits for those who require them.

Event Details:
Date: November 15
Time: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Location: Lake Havasu City Aquatic Center, Jane Canlin room

Why You Should Join:

1. Sewing for a Cause: This event is all about coming together to create sewing kits that will be a source of comfort and help for seniors and kids facing various challenges. Your contributions can make a significant impact.

2. Open to All: The event is open to everyone. You don’t need to be a member of any specific group or organization. All you need is the willingness to help, your sewing machine, and your sewing tools.

3. Community Bonding: It’s a great opportunity to connect with your community and work towards a common goal. Share your skills and time with others who share your passion for sewing and helping those in need.

4. Ready-to-Sew Kits: The prepared kits are designed to streamline the sewing process, making it easier for participants to contribute. You don’t need to be an expert seamstress; all skill levels are welcome.

5. Feel-Good Contribution: Giving back is a rewarding experience. You’ll leave the event with the satisfaction of knowing you’ve made a positive impact on someone’s life.

Let’s Help Together:
No act of kindness is too small. Whether you’re an experienced seamstress or new to sewing, your participation is valued and appreciated. Don’t forget to bring your sewing machine and tools, and let’s make a difference in our community.

For more information and to stay updated, please check the event details [here](insert link).

Join us on November 15 at the Lake Havasu City Aquatic Center for a day of sewing, community, and compassion. Together, we can create a brighter future for those in need



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