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Unlock Insulin Management Wisdom: Think Like a Pancreas Book Club – September 1

Embark on a journey of knowledge and empowerment in the realm of insulin management. Join us starting Friday, September 1st, from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM (GMT-7), at the Lake Havasu City Library for an insightful 5-week exploration of Gary Scheiner’s “Think Like a Pancreas.”

Event Highlights:

  1. Literary Exploration: Delve into the pages of “Think Like a Pancreas” by Gary Scheiner, an acclaimed resource that offers fresh perspectives on insulin management.
  2. Engaging Discussions: Engage in stimulating discussions that unpack the book’s insights, share experiences, and foster a deeper understanding of diabetes management.
  3. Welcoming Venue: Our gathering takes place at the Lake Havasu City Library, located at 1770 McCulloch Blvd N, Lake Havasu City, AZ, United States. An ideal environment for intellectual exploration.
  4. Mark Your Calendar: Kick-start your September with this enriching experience. The book club sessions will run for 5 consecutive weeks, starting from September 1st.
  5. Empower Your Knowledge: Whether you’re seeking to enhance your own diabetes management or you’re intrigued by the topic, this book club is your passport to insights and strategies that can make a real difference.


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